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Coloring Pages  

Download and print coloring pages through which children can access the Torah,  sages stories and Jewish  holidays.

Pirkei Avot

Watch the Jewish wisdom 

from our sages, passed down from  mount Sinai.

Teacher Sarah gives the children the wisdom with easy stories and humor.  

Weekly Torah Portion for children

Teacher Sarah explain in a short video each one of the  weekly Torah portion.

About us

Teachers of all ages. Teaching Torah from Jerusalem, Israel.

We wanted to create a place where it would be easy for parents and teachers to find lessons in Judaism - weekly Torah portions, holidays, Mishna, Chassidut and more. All free of charge and Commercials


Jewish holidays are a good reason for the party, but it is also a good opportunity to explain the reason for our celebration.

Chassidic Teachings

The "Tanya", The book that is the spirit that blows in the soul of the Chassidic teaching, and which reveals deep secrets about every Jew's world: his inner, spiritual, mental, soulful world.

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We would love to receive your insights about the Torah.

We welcome you to send us requests for additional content, or just say hello

תורה לילדים

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torah for children

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